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Our precise editing services bring out the best in your recordings. We expertly remove unwanted noise, ensuring a clean and pristine audio experience. With precise vocal tuning, we perfect pitch and maintain the natural feel of your performance. Additionally, we provide careful timing adjustments, ensuring seamless transitions and delivering a polished sound that captivates listeners!


Our meticulous mixing process combines individual audio tracks to create a cohesive and balanced sound. With careful attention to detail, we expertly blend elements such as vocals, instruments, and effects, ensuring every element shines through, enhancing clarity, depth, and overall impact.


Our professional mastering service adds the final touch of polish to your tracks, elevating them to a commercial-ready level. Through careful adjustment of dynamics, equalization, and stereo imaging, we enhance the overall tonal balance, optimize the sound for different playback systems, and ensure your music stands out with maximum clarity, punch, and fidelity.

About Mothership Recordings

Welcome to Mothership Recordings, where your musical vision takes flight! I'm Chris P Thomas, an experienced audio engineer specializing in mixing and mastering. With a genuine passion for music and a commitment to delivering outstanding results, I'm dedicated to elevating your music to new heights.


At Mothership, we understand the critical importance of mixing and mastering in the production process. Using cutting-edge software and years of experience, I meticulously polish your tracks, bringing out their full sonic potential. Whether you're a solo artist or a band, I have the expertise and creativity to ensure your music stands out with exceptional clarity, balance, and impact.


What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on your unique needs. I'm dedicated to understanding your artistic vision and crafting a final mix and master that aligns perfectly with your musical style. Whether you're seeking a radio-ready commercial sound or a warm and vintage vibe, I'll apply my expertise and attention to detail to achieve the exact sound you desire. I take pride in providing a personalized and collaborative experience, where your music takes center stage and receives the meticulous treatment it deserves


Thank you for considering Mothership Recordings for your mixing and mastering needs. I'm excited to collaborate with you and help your music reach its full potential. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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